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NFT Art for the heart, the eye and the soul

AI Mutant
5 min readApr 9, 2022
AI Mutants PFPs — NFT Art for the heart, the eye and the soul

The second AI Art project from AI Mutants — SOLD OUT

What is this project?

“The most unique and inspiring NFT PFP in history.”

There are thousands of AI-generated images on Twitter and in the NFT space, but there is no other project like this, which uses AI to generate a PFP based on unique and randomly generated base images.

“Mutation is all around us, starting from within our cells through our self-expression, to our surroundings and beyond.”

These mutants have gone a long way from being born as sketches, randomized into unique generated base images and heavily beaten by the AI in different art styles to generate each PFP. Thousands and thousands of the mutants have been generated, curated and deleted. Just a handful have survived.


Strong survivors of mutations, artistic fighters for art and sensual expressions of our inner souls. We are here to show you what we are. MUTANTS!


Some examples of the different styles the AI Mutants PFPs can have

History & old projects

The creator is a long time artist in different disciplines like graffiti, acrylic and oil painting. After becoming a father, he started doing art with his daughter whenever possible, after years of inspiration, fun and exploration of the different media, he decided to give his daughter a legacy.

He started the AI Mutants to use his knowledge in computer science and combine it with his love of art together to create unique and fantastic characters for the future to live on on the blockchain.

It all started with AI versions of known NFT projects and created the Doodles AI, AI Cool Cats and Mutant AI apes — Pre Genesis as a base but the results were suboptimal.

Evolution of the projects

He then moved on to create a project of Steampunk AI Mutants and a new set of derivatives from a well known NFT project and formed the Mutant AI Apes Club. A club of 60 unique NFTs in different art forms.

To create something truly unique he decided to create his base images like every other generative project, but using AI to give them the uniqueness and fantastic looks.

Example of the Mutant AI Ape Club NFTs (old Project)

Creation Process

The base images are created based on generated base layers which are combined randomly. These base images are then transformed via AI with different prompts and weights (e.g. “vibrant colors:2.5 | made of flowers:1.6”)

Example for a PFP based on an AI Mutant
Unique Examples from the collection of AI Mutants


555 NFTs

  • 500 available for minting through the free-mint, pre-sale mint and public-mint
  • 55 will be held back for giveaways and marketing purposes.


0 ETH (+Gas)
[5 per developer / MOD in Discord]

Free-Mint will happen 30th April [0 ETH + GAS]
15:30 UTC (17:30 CEST, 11:30 EDT and 8:30 PDT).
Due to the sheer amount of whitelist requests, we had to limit the total number of freely mintable NFTs from 5 to 2 but on the other hand, we removed the 50 toal cap, so everybody who mints within those 30 minutes gets a chance of 2 free AI Mutant PFPs. (WIN-WIN Situation?)

Pre-Sale will happen 30th April [0.015 ETH + GAS]
16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12:00 EDT and 9:00 PDT)
I would love to make a Pre-Sale mint party in a Twitter space, which would start 30 min before the free mint starts, so we could all check that we can connect and the mint site is working.

1st May:
Public Sale:
0.025 ETH (+Gas)

NETWORK: Ethereum

LINKS & Additional Information

DISCORD: Click Here
TWITTER: Click Here
UTILITY: Having an AI Mutant allows you to
- be one of the first to mint future AI Mutant projects early
- ask in DISCORD for a high-res version of your NFT to print

Your AI Mutants PFP will be hosted on the ETH blockchain so you can use it as a PFP on TWITTER.

I plan to build an NFT and ETH portfolio (from primary sales) for my young daughter and give it to her when she gets 18 as a gift for her future life.
It may then be worth 10$ or more, the future will tell.
Every father will understand that the investment in the kid is the best we can do.


AI Mutants NFTs provide commercial rights to the assets/tokens you own. The base images, AI creation and curations were performed by AI Mutant alone.

  • If you hold an NFT, the art is yours and you can do with it whatever you want.
  • If you ask nicely on DISCORD, I might create an upscaled version for you.

Road Map


  1. We will create a Moneypipe before the Public mint starts, to distribute 25% of the primary sales to the holders of the pre-sale based on their number of shares at the time of extraction.
  2. If we mint out we will
    a) create a replacement Moneypipe for the royalties, which will payout 100% of the royalties to the holders based on their number of shares. We will do this evaluation for 3 consecutive months and then freeze the contract.
    b) Do a monthly random buy-back of an AI Mutant PFP (so keep it listed) and raffle it away to the community. This will happen for a minimum of 3 consecutive months
  3. All Holders can verify at collabland-join to get their HOLDERS role and have a lifelong pre-sale access to all upcoming projects

FOUNDER: AI Mutant Long time artist, computer scientist and NFT collector

TEAM: My family

MODS: miArt / Big Chungus / Chivente / XPreSS

NFT Drops Calendar: TBD



AI Mutant

Father / Husband / Longtime artist in different disciplines / NFT artist