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3 min readJan 17, 2023


LAIDY PUNKS is the sixth Project from the legendary AI Mutants.
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Asian Geisha LAIDY PUNK listening to soothing Jazz music

What are the LAIDY PUNKS?
LAIDY PUNKS evolved from an APE PUNK EXPERIMENT and through mutation, learning and generations of reproduction, they had the chance to free themselves from needing a man to reproduce. An avalanche-like success story begins to empower more woman in NFT.

LAIDY PUNKS like the sound of loud music in their ears as well as the quietness of pure silence during their time alone. As you and I and we all are unique and individual, the LAIDY PUNKS are individuals too. Each of them has their own style, proclivity for clothing and punk styles. Each LAIDY PUNK also likes a different color and prefers to be different.

LAIDY PUNKS are neither your regular generative PFP project, nor the usual AI generated PFPs.

Each LAIDY PUNK tickles your inner sense for beauty, warmth and needing to have her. Even though you just met her, she gives you the feeling of knowing her for ages.
She was on your mind, even when you haven’t had them on your radar.
Sounds strange, is strange, but it is true.

Can you get them out of your brain?

What will you do without them?

Who are you? Are you complete without a LAIDY PUNK?

Cyberpunk LAIDY PUNK enjoying the silence of nature after sundown before she leaves to the party


Instant Utility

  • Free mints for all upcoming projects
  • Each holder gets voting Rights on our DAO and therefore on the future roadmap
  • Get HOLDER role in DISCORD
  • Participate in regular giveways
  • Enjoy the new depth of AI and best of all
  • Get on board of the AI plane to an AI-sland you never forget

Roadmap — possible Utility (voted through DAO)

  • Earn $AIMT (AI Mutant token) by staking your LAIDY on the non-escrow staking contract
  • Stake previous AI Mutants projects on an escrow staking pool
  • Use the $AIMT to future mints
  • Create a Liquidity Pool
Mother Nature LAIDY PUNK listening to Hard Rock — who knew she would like this?

Project Info

  • Supply: TBD
  • Mint Date: end of February (final is TBD)
  • Blockchain: Avalanche
  • Modelstyles: 10–15
  • LAIDYstyles: more than 25
  • Punkstyles: more than 40
  • Colorstyles: more than 100

Each NFT is generated via an AI by combining different Modelstyles, LAIDYstyles, Punkstyles and Colorstyles.
Each creation is manually curate, recreated and tuned several times to achieve this unique feeling.

Cyborg LAIDY PUNK listening to classical music just before the sun rises

Mint Order

  1. Holders of previous projects get free mint
  2. Winner of Collaborations get free mint
  3. All participants of Collabs get pre-sale mint
  4. Public mint

Depending on the interest we might do the mints as declining, so the longer you wait, the cheaper it gets. But you might not make it in time to mint at that price… Choose wisely.
Or we can also do an increasing mint price, get in early and don’t pay too much… It is your decision.




(In alphabetic order)

  • Crypto Kids DAO
  • Future of Color
  • Heathens Alpha
  • Neurals AI
  • Punk Ape Pixel Club

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